“Baltimore‘s breath of fresh air, Tate Kobang, gains momentum after appearing on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out and headlining numerous showcases at A3C this month by collaborating with Damond Blue for “Get A Light.” Damond, also from Baltimore, recently released “Give It To You” and caught the attention of Maybach Music Group‘s Wale for a catchy regional remix to close out the summer. “Get A Light,” directed by Spudds McKenzie, is filled with beautiful women by the pool while the poised rappers speak on the extra-curriculars they can provide to keep the party going.

Tate Kobang is an East Baltimore native signed to 300 Entertainment. He took off in 2015 with his viral hit “Bank Rolls,” which has since garnered over 3.4 million views on YouTube , and over 2 million plays on Soundcloud. Damond Blue recently launched an internship for #BeatsNotBullets to help kids stay off the streets and work in music studios. With the fourth quarter in full swing, expect to hear more from both Tate and Damond in the coming months!”