Hardcore rap artists Chino XL and Chris Rivers, the son of legendary rapper Big Pun, join Saint Joe for a showcase of lyrical prowess. Saint Joe’s new single and video “Homicide Fetish” brings listeners back to an age where lyrics matter and all three MCs display that.

The beat produced by Norway’s Gvme Over builds up with a singing sample before dropping into a horn driven monster with crashing symbols. Saint Joe’s style is different, fast paced yet his clear tone is like a stainless steel scalpel cutting cleanly into the beat.

Rivers voice tone and insane lyrical dictation not only eerily remind you of his father but he reaches for his own greatness with metaphysical and mathematical bars of heat.

Chino XL matches the first two verses and yet does something entirely different with his verse, cutting up syllables and the rhyme pattern with almost triple time precision. Clearly displaying his lyrical ability, blasting through bars parallel to the shell dropping sound that sits in the background of the beat with a machine gun like tempo.

The new age fan might not immediately be drawn to the song, but fans of lyricism and unique rhyme patterns will surely appreciate it. Check it out below.