Ray Reed‘s latest release Cuffin Season takes his incredible stage energy, and disdain for the “Boys in Blue,” and translates it into a focused quality release. Reed’s energy jumps off the track with an angst-y ambitiousness you can hear in his delivery. The project delivers nicely not over-using the auto-tune, more utilizing it to make already well written songs better. Sticking to a working formula for the most part.giving it a certain cohesiveness; high-paced aggressiveness sprinkled with catchy auto-tune chants. Ray Reed just entered into a new venture with Young Amsterdam and this is his first release with the label.

No lie, Ray Reed is going to provide you some good work-out material. Listening to the first six tracks will have you jumping around like you have dreads. Straight from the “Intro(Robbing If I do)” Reed brings raw life with the speed of a marching drum with lyrics like, “Savage to the world/ average to the world/ to live lavish in this world/ bring sadness to ya girl/ ready to shoot/ I’m Dirk with the Mavericks to the world,” setting the pace and tone high for the rest of the project.

Although most of the project sticks to the formula, it does slow down with “Lord Be With Me” which contains a soulful chant in the production that will have you swerving through  lanes with it cranked high. The song serves as a jamming prayer more than just a song, as Reed pays tribute to his fallen homies in the end.

The track “No Love” has the intensity and is catchy enough to receive some radio play. The beat runs at a pace that grabs you and will have you running with it, but Ray’s delivery when he says  “I just need a real ones to build with/ I just need some niggas in the field with me,” is especially memorable.

The project title is in reference to the police brutality according to Reed who is on the cover being arrested. However the project showcases Ray Reed in the best way, over well-selected production that works well with his style, showing the MC is taking his career to the next level. If there is one drawback to the project is that it does stick to the formula and doesn’t venture far from his comfort zones, but we feel like it worked out better that way.

Rated: 8/10 Gold Pagers.

Favorite Tracks: Intro, No Love, Lord Be With Me, Mind Right

Ray Reed also recently released a videos to “Mind Right”  and “Fundraising” check them out below.