Hip-hop has a history of creating a negative view of women, using misogyny as marketing, its common place especially today. The positive figures today seemed to be outnumbers, partially due to high-incarceration rates in the urban community, and the variety of other problems people are facing today. The Queens of Hip-hop are aiming at taking the challenge head on first and giving people, young and old, something to build on.

queens of hip hop flyerApril 9th, the Queens will launch their annual event including graffiti, break-dancing, female DJs and MCs. The group stated as a college group at the University of Colorado at Denver but since has become a non-profit organization in the Denver area. The goal for the event is to provide a place for women to embrace the elements of hip-hop safely in an uplifting manner, as well as being more involved in the community. So they have partnered with some organizations who impact women who are coming out of human trafficking, and many other social conditions.

The idea of the group developed working with Hip-hop congress on Auraria Campus, who serves over forty-thousand students a semester and houses three colleges. Students in the group collaborated, on their annual event of the same name, with some the creative and inspiring talents in the local scene like Dj ManiZer, Lazy Eyez, Timeko T, Bianca Mikahn, Ill Se7en, Baretta, Eudamonia Green, Lily Fangz Thomas “I am Detour” Evans and many more over the first few seasons.

After many of those involved graduated, it made sense to start venturing outside of the college events and start to work with community organizations to be involved in food drives, donations and other fund-raising for community causes. Continuing to involved the prominent female figures in the scene to lead with they invite all ages, races and genders from abroad to join them in creating positivity through hip-hop.

The annual event this year will be three days, starting this Friday April 8th and going through Sunday April 10th.

Friday will be the Cypher Adikts at the Bboy Factory. Cypher Adikts is a renowned event based out of L.A. and created by renowned bgirl (breakdancer) Jeskilz and DJ Ervin Arana. They provide a raw and unique space for people to dance (mainly breaking).

The main event and it will be held at the Driscoll Ballroom at 2055 E. Evans Ave, Denver, CO  from Noon to 8pm, and will include a graffiti competition, emcees, poets, live art, breakers and all-style dancers, vendors from across the country as well as competitors from the states, Japan, Canada and Mexico.

Sunday they will provide workshops led by Randi from Beat Freaks, Asia One from No Easy Props, and The Janes from Boulder. This will be held at the School of Breaking in Aurora.

There will be a kids corner where kids can learn about the hip-hop culture through various interactive activities lead by a Florida-based non-profit called Child of This Culture Foundation. Street’s Hope, an organization they are currently collecting items for, will be there to talk about the work they are doing. The Janes will be preforming,as well as featuring local poet Lady Speech and MC, Koo Qua. Alisha B, a local radio personality, along with Lady Speech will host.

There will be there dance comp, one breaking footwork battle, then a two on two “Bonnie & Clyde” all styles battle and the final will be a two on two B-girl battle. The winner will qualify for another battle that will happen in Houston called B-Girl City.

Also featuring will be an all female graffiti contest to highlight the talented female visual artists the artists include; Aura, Elbs, Miss Reds, Laide One, Sepia UCKween, Beth (Bronx Girls Rocking Crew), Cmoe and Asia One.

The Queenz are also getting involved at other events like the Annual Dragon Boat Festival, the La Raza Leadership Conference. To keep up or work with Queenz please check out their Facebook page or email them