10612746_10152206340352373_5098101010651667476_nCalifornia native, Mr. Midas drops his latest effort with “Never Been” produced by Scorp Dezel. The song is an obvious aim at the clubs, it’s catchy and still goes hard. Midas shows originality in his flow and delivery while the song is reminiscent of classic West-coast party joints, hard-hitting synth-bass drives the song giving it that good party feeling.

Although Midas hails from Long Beach, but has been grinding out of Colorado for over the last ten years. For those who have never been to Colorado, the hip-hop scene exists but isn’t celebrated by the local media, and is very competitive to say the least. In Denver many outsiders can be shunned or may need to really earn the fans attention the hard way. Midas has been welcomed by the Colorado fans and beyond but it came over years of hard work.

Midas first project Molotov Cocktails helped him build a bridge to the Denver streets, but it was his project Son of the Crack Era that catapulted him into another league. Songs like “I Run My Town” and “Ground Up” were certified street slaps. He most recently project Red Cards, Green Bottles also pushed him higher on the food chain as he was most recently featured on Sway in the Morning.

Midas is a charismatic personality with a magnetizing persona. His style is slick and subtly catches the listener by surprise with this unique wordplay and witty creativeness. Mr.Midas has proven that he deserves the name and has the golden touch.