Before we recently covered Mr. Midas new single “Never Been” he has been in relative hibernation with a light 2015. However, in 2016 he intends on keeping his foot on the gas and continually releasing music for the fans.

“I just been trying to get my mind right, sometimes you just need to take a step back and for me I’m strategic,” said Midas, who also volunteers time at the local high-school mentoring teens. So we asked him how he feels about influencing the youth as an artist, “I feel like my shit ain’t kill, kill, kill. My shit ain’t to destroy, so it’s funny because the kids I’m around know my music.They respect me because I keep it 110 and I just happen to rap. So let’s be real.”

After dropping the new single, he also released this fire video featuring AP and F.L. of the Foodchain, called “Crazy Things,” that features a sample from the hood classic Three Six Mafia song “Neighborhood Hoe.” The three MCs show their lyrical prowess sharing stories about ladies. Check it out below.

The following day Midas also dropped a trappy bodacious track “Facts (Google That Shit)” that defends his authenticity. With fire bars like, “You could never say I snitched/ Show the paperwork/ times we only had rice/ Momma made it work,” Midas keeps it street yet practical in showcasing the struggle.

Now normally that would be enough for any artist in one week, but Mr.Midas wasn’t done he dropped visuals for the 2015 3hree Project mega-hit featuring C.Ray and SP Double “Juggernauts.” The lyrics and beat go hard as the hook melodically gets stuck in your head. Peep it below. The three different songs are diverse, and Gold Pager will keep up with his new album Blue Dream dropping soon.