The nature of the Goth trouble sought sad boy punk from high school evolved. Over some years, he grew up, suffered from a destructive heartbreak, got covered in a narrative of tattoos and started a drug regimen.

Lil Peep’s newest mixtape ‘Hellboy’ is here, as an expansion on where the perceived perimeters of hip hop are to be labeled. Within the 16 songs of the project, elements of alternative rock and punk are laced with Peep’s dark demented tastes over trap grunge. The act is an environmental fusion, a meld of two intellectual cultures that self-identify as sharing little.

The spoken vibes of despaired sorrow and loneliness ride stressed along the strums of acoustic guitar melodies, a tool planted into most songs to this piece of work to capture the somberness tone.

The context of lyrics is painful, reflecting on new riches, the love who got away, dissatisfied emotions for a lustful need of many other women, a repressive practice of drug abuse to cope with the occupancy of a vacant soul and his suicidal outlook that came result to the fast and abandoned life.

This piece of work comes with an Xavier Wulf feature, three from Lil Tracy, one from Kirblagoop and one from Horse Head. As a sum, the engineered sonic is refined to a pristine prize. Lil Peep himself, Charlie Shuffler, Nedarb, Dirty Vans, Yung Cortex, Smokeasac, Brobac, Horse Head and Cain P are all credited with this production.

The energetic output of this mixtape is not positive. ‘Hellboy’ is not made for a smile. Yet, not all days allow for the joy of such, these songs are the makeup of a soundtrack to the days of gloom.

Lil Peep is to hit the road with Fat Nick and a crew for the “When The Lean Runs Out Tour,” which begins later this week.