Even after retirement, Marshawn Lynch is still going “Beast Mode!” The former running back for the Seahawks was nicknamed this because of his aggressive running style, ability to break tackles and run over defenders. It appears he continues doing so off the playing field, as well. He’s now gaining yardage overseas. Touchdown!

marshawn lynch

As a member of a 10-man team, he embarks on the fourth annual American Football Without Barriers (AFWB) camp, which is set to take place in Cairo, Egypt. Founded by New York Jets’ Giacomini, Cleveland Browns’ Barnidge, and Ahmed Awadallah back in 2011, the AFWB organization aims to expand the sport of American football while reaching out to underprivileged and disadvantaged youth around the globe. This non-profit organization is all about giving back to kids; blessing them with an opportunity, which in their case, may not always be offered. In doing so, we might discover some hidden talent a kid may never have had the chance of showing… Until now!

Mad respect to everyone who is part of the AFWB and any other movement or organization that aims to better our youth and helps them pursue their dreams. What we do today, determines our tomorrow!