gold pager lizzy brodie

When the Doc gives you a nickname, you run with it. Doc, as in Redman, one of the illest MCs to ever grip a mic. That’s exactly what happened to one of the dopest up and coming tastemakers in the game. So Elizabeth subsequently became Lizzy, who has become affectionately known as Lizzy Brodie.

Ironically, “Brodie”, although also a name in her family, is a greeting by people in some places in Denver, like ‘what’s up bro, or homie?’ Brodie is likable and fun. And that is exactly how she got pulled up on stage at the her first Method Man show in Colorado in 2007, by one of Doc’s cousin. Lizzy, as Doc would come to call her, fostered a strong relationship with the crew that continued to build over the years.

lizzybrodie3 gold pager lizzy brodieShe didn’t move to Colorado until 2009 from Vermont to Denver, because Brodie needed a change. Life had created some very unfavorable situations that made Brodie look to Colorado as a new start, and a place she could flourish.

Since then Brodie has had her hand in countless epic events, featuring not only the likes of Redman, but Method Man, Ghostface, Raekwon, Sheek Louch and more.

Two years ago launched so fans could get a glispe of the things that are on her radar. Working with her friends at InkMonstr, Welcome to the D.O.P.E. Game and many more, has put her in a great place to inject her influence, which has brought a positive impact in the scene. She has expanded her skill set working in branding, marketing and high-level marketing. Lizzy really creates a different feel in the things she brands, bringing new-age style with classic appreciation for Hip hop.
As she continues to foster more relationships with people like Method Man, and her connections grow, she is sure to branch out to other endeavors, We caught up with the likable Lizzy to talk to her about her come up and where she sees everything going from here.