denver rapper hwood

Artist H*Wood burst onto the scene in 2011 with “Could It Be You,” Which at one time was selling better than DJ Khaled’s “All I Do is Win.” The success of the song was very unexpected as H*Wood was signed to Rodney Jerkins and Dark Child Records at the time. Prompting him to move to LA with only $300 in his pocket to pursue his life long dream.

H*Wood has been invited to the BET Awards, sat in the studio session for Bruno Mars, and been privileged to sell over 500k copies of a record. A feat many young artists have yet to achieve in his home state of Colorado, but all of that fame comes with a price. The label was so impressed with the success of the single, that it drove them to try to recreate the same song for over four years. A process that H*Wood says took a toll on his creative process and overall drive. So after his deal was expired he decided to move back to Colorado to find himself again.

The move H*Wood says allowed him to find other passions, experiment with new music and find his passion again for music. His stage show is energetic and vibrant, and his music ventures into other areas other than rap. H*Wood recently released a new song after an almost two year hiatus and also dropped a video for the single “Empire.” A song he recorded almost two years ago, he says was prompted by his ex-girlfriends nagging about getting a job and forgetting the rap game altogether. We caught up with H*Wood to hear more about his history and the vibe of the new music. Check it out below.