gold pager hello kylie

We recently caught up with the hardest working 10 year old in Hollywood, Hello Kylie. She is busy working on her next video for “Snapchat” which features friends from popular app (@hellokylie) and also fans from her YouTube channel where she has nearly 50K fans and well over a million views. She is definitely a rising star, and that star is sure to shine bright with the incredible team behind her. She is managed by her Grammy nominated song writer and producer father, Alex Cantrall. Cantrall who has worked with Beyoncé, Pink, Zendaya, Kenton Duty, and many others. Along side Alex is his partner Jerald Cavitt who is keeping Kylie way ahead of the game with his next level thinking in social media marketing and technology. Cavitt is the creator of proprietary software UpCode which is revolutionizing content delivery for publishers and content providers across connected TVs and mobile devices—next level stuff.

Kylie is a big fan of what she calls “the old stuff” and what we would call hip hop greats like Biggie Smalls, Tupac etc. She is always encouraged by her father to understand where music came from, how artists of today are influenced by the hip hop pioneers. We love it and agree with Dad. Kylie has extraordinary insight in this industry, loves what she does and stays grateful for her opportunity to be a rock star. She is a ball of contagious energy and I’m sure we’ve only just begun to see what this little girl is capable of. Check out the interview and connect with her on Snapchat @hellokylieluv and see for yourself what makes her so special.

Styled by LilFreshSam at Infatue
Photos courtesy of Uriel Sanchez Photography