Last year, Tyrone Adair Jr., aka Boss Goodie, was killed outside of a local club in Denver, Colorado, deeply impacting the community and leaving his family and friends with a huge void. Adair was an very talented upcoming rapper, as he and his close friend Steven Bvggz made a name for themselves over the last few years, partly due to their energetic performances together. They cleverly branded themselves together and created a great musical chemistry.

So when Bvggz releases his next project Love this month, it will be a long awaited solo project that also serves as a musical diary of pain, brutal honesty, emotions and yes; Love.

Breaking into the industry by working as an engineer at KMG Studios for a few years, Bvggz learned the game and built relationships. Connecting with FL of the Foodchain, they opened Young Amsterdam Studios (YGAM). Since then he has been behind a ton of music in the scene, working as one of the co-owner at YGAM. Finally releasing a solo project and including an unreleased song from his slain friend as a bonus track

Bvggz keeps the features light on this project with only 2 guests Ray Reed and, posthumously, Boss Goodie, on a bonus track, which allows Bvggz to show the fans who he is. We had a chance to preview the new project and interview Bvggz about the loss of his friend and business partner, his new music and more. Check back with Gold Pager to stream the project and for visuals from the album.