Thinning Out The Heard CoverIn the age where auto tune trap tracks are king, Saint Joe’s rapid fire flow and neutral delivery is a breathe of fresh air. His new project Thinning Out The Heard features the likes of Dirtbag Dan, Hypnautic, Morning Star, Army of The Pharaohs, West Philly Freck, Albeez 4 Sheez, Mr.Midas, Cortez from Murda Ave, Jomeezius the Genius, Chris Rivers, Liquid Assassin, Chino XL and more.

The first single “Homicide Fetish” is a fan of lyrics dream. The beat is epic with crazy drops, big horns, the MCs drop lightning fast verses. Rivers shines dropping into his verse, “On acid drops/ its a madness crop/ Overexposed and expanded stop.” Saint Joe proves he is worthy to be on the same track with the two MCs, and the rest of his album should further solidify that point. The video for this track should drop in the next month, which was shot in the Bronx with Rivers and Saint’s crew Kold Reality. Check out the track below.