We’re back and reloaded quickly with a few new slaps to add to your playlists. These joints come from all over the country an vary in styles. We continue to look for tracks and if you have suggestions please submit to goldpagerpimp@gmail.com. For now check out these tracks plug in your aux cord, put your headphones on because you’re going to enjoy these. #OnGP

Malik Ninety-Five  – “Need to Know”
This is a bit of hip-hop gumbo because it contains so many different elements and sounds. This song dabbles back and forth between Dubstep, Pop, Trap-soul and R&B.  genre blending to the max musically while Malik raps over the wompy, backwards sounding bass about the nature of his relationships.


Terrace Martin Music – “Mask Off Remix”
Live acoustic covers of classic songs has always been appreciated by some fans, but Terrace Martin Music takes the approach off YouTube videos and into the studio covering Future‘s “Mask Off.” Rolling slowly to a start the track starts off reminiscent of a classic Kung Fu score before pleasantly dropping into a smooth sax lead.  The jazzy interpolation is magnificent with almost dueling horns, lead by a marching clap and finishing off with hints of the vocoder and soft 80’s like synths. A mesmerizing remix to enjoy.



REKS – “H.I.P.H.O.P”
REKS offers his explanation of hip-hop through a conscious acronym fittingly over a Apollo Brown boom-bap beat. “Heard infinite powers/Help Oppress People,” raps the MC with a grimy delivery as he salutes legendary MCs who helped raise and shape him with lyrics like, “Rakim was my daddy/Papa R had me/Perfecting my math and the/ paragraphs all day.” A dope track.


Terrell Matheny – “Do You Right”
Rapper and singer Terrell Matheny launches his latest single “Do You Right” after years of working in the Colorado rap scene, via Arizona this time around. The song has an instant radio feel, almost sounding a bit Chris Brown-ish, but when your working on a come up being compared to a multi-platinum artist should be taken as a compliment. Check it out below.


DMD The Producer – Yo Gotti (Remix) “Act Right” Featuring Jeezy & YG
We all love when we come across a sick remix no one has heard yet, or love when you hear the DJ drop a sick remix of your favorite song at the club. DMD delivers a sick remix of Yo Gotti’s “Act Right.” The producer shows his versatility within the confines of the club single with blaring keys, pulsing electronic horns and synth basslines.