What up readers and listeners.we’re back with a fresh batch of goodies for your listening pleasure. The tracks are diverse, strong and freshly dropped. We love finding songs to add to your playlists, we are always looking for submissions from all around the country it might be Trap, West-Coast, Boom Bap, Screwed up or something we don’t know about yet, but we want to bring it to the people. So here are this week’s selections rapped right just for you.

Esi Juey – “Projects”

East Denver is in the middle of gentrification, but Esi Juey ain’t letting go of the memories and pain that engulfed the Five Points area for decades before. The song although it features a throwback salute to Menace II Society, is a heartfelt serious song with a message not to forget the have-nots who may not have the trust funds available like the transplants taking over their neighborhood.

Ray Reed – Uberman Mixtape hosted by DJ Bandz

Ray Reed is on a mission to launch himself into the national spotlight. This time he hooked up with Lil Durk‘s DJ Bandz to deliver Uberman. The realness of Ray Reed revealed he met Bandz when being requested to be his Uber driver, hence the name, no it’s not a clever name, he really drives Uber or as he put it “get it by any means.”

Throwed Ese featuring Jkee – “GETIN2IT”

Texas rapper Throwed Ese linked with Denver’s Jkee for this strip club anthem. The beat does what you expect, big drops with heavy deep bass. The purpose of the joint will serve well for them girls working the pole or just for a turn up joint.

A Meazy – “Mind Yours”

Young A Meazy is fresh off his first headline sold out show, dropping his second full length project The Real Ned Flanders 2. Now Meazy is back with his first video from the project with an offering that tells nosy on lookers “Mind Yours.” Meazy’s energy is vibrant and magnetic while the music is continuing to open doors for him.

Atak 1 featuring Shawty Lo – “Dope Boi”

Atak 1 is a hustler. Be it businesses or music, he has been out here grinding for almost 20 years. Breaking in the game from the West-side of Denver and now residing in Atlanta he releases a timely track with (rest in peace) Mr. Dun Dun aka Shawty Lo. The untimely death of the Bankhead general is a big loss for the people in his community and for his family, Atak shows how he is connected no matter where he lives with this one.

Ontoneyo’s Pick of the Week –

Jay Prince – “Father, Father”

This snapping anthem brings the soul of the church house with chanting hits and the whole choir. Scribz really meshes the two worlds of music masterfully with banging 808 kicks and soul claps. The feeling is reminiscent of a Big Sean over a Kanye level production, Jay Prince also has a great SoundCloud channel to follow.