Back again with some new heat straight from the streets, GP presents The Corner Store. This week we are lead by one of the most interesting songs to address Police brutality, a song saluting a rapper’s Latino homies, an incredible new release and an international rap song. We will keep you up to date with new music and the freshest ear snacks for your listening pleasure. Stay locked in, on GP!

Yung Filthie – “Dear Mr White Man”

Filthie drops one of the most revealing pieces of music addressing the plight of Black America in recent memory. The lyrics give a brutally honest report from the streets straight from the eyes of a young Black man. “I stole cuz I was hungry/ You stole because you’re greedy” poignants the juxtaposition of the urban condition in a racially divided, and financially polarized country. The anger and passion is palpable tugging at the heart of every listener who empathizes with the lyrics. The joint is unapologetically brash, which is good. Rapping about police brutality and the struggle of people of color over a sample of the German based group Blue Foundation’s “Eyes on Fire”, popularized by the movie Twilight, creates a deep yet paradoxical element to the song.

G-Slick – “Migo”
G-Slick has embarked on his own journey after his GODN deal and is ready to move them music packages across the world. He has embraced his Latin brothers and is repping that Spanish side with his latest video “Migo.” With a tow of Latin soldiers behind him G-slick launches his banging street anthem with lowriders, switches and gold grills shining. Slick shows a charisma that will propel him to the next level and this video shows he has a nation behind him.

AP – Crown

AP knocks off the door with an amazing album that shows he is primed to be next, and not to mention Squizzy Gang Captain Trev Rich getting signed to Ca$h Money. The thing about AP’s lyricism is that he raps way past the bar and evokes a pattern of hip hop that many cannot even fathom to deliver. His selection of beats matches his powerful delivery and the album is by all accounts is a rare gem of lyrical genius. There are few even in the industry who can match him bar for bar and soon the whole world may know what Denver knows.


Angelo Mota – “All Over You”

Angelo Mota is working on building his name half-way across the world, his latest single “All Over You” is certainly helping him to cross that bridge because of its universal appeal. This track is going to bring the party to life and just has a general good feeling to it. The sound definitely blends other genres and percussion together delivering a edgy, fun anthem to dance to while remaining simplistic in his lyrical approach. A striking song that is easy to get stuck in your head.