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REVIEW: The Cali Whine Up at BRT Weekend

Summer Sixteen. Huntington Beach. #BRTWeekend. VIP. From glow parties to an all white theme. The energy and spirit of the Caribbean. You’d had to have been there to get what I mean. It was lit. Felt just like the Keys. The music had heads bouncing and hips shaking throughout. Everybody vibing. Beautiful people embracing the roots. The food was flavor-filled and kept mouths watering. Perfecto! A few of us were accused of going back for seconds, but if you tasted it, who could blame us? With the unlimited free drinks, it’s no joke: rum, bit of pineapple, and a splash...

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INTERVIEW: The Sixth Man Award – Yellow Nguyen

There are artists who shine in the spotlight, then there are those in the background who grind in the shadows. We reached out to one who has been low key putting in work. Lan D. Nguyen (pronounced “Win”), who goes by Yellow, is a music video director/filmmaker from City Heights, San Diego. One look at his work and you will see a “Young Visionary” at its finest. He is a genuine dude and artist whose work displays some true talent. Being as humble as they come, he also lets his work speak for itself. It’s time he gets some...

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Kids Go “Beast Mode” In Africa With Marshawn Lynch

Even after retirement, Marshawn Lynch is still going “Beast Mode!” The former running back for the Seahawks was nicknamed this because of his aggressive running style, ability to break tackles and run over defenders. It appears he continues doing so off the playing field, as well. He’s now gaining yardage overseas. Touchdown! As a member of a 10-man team, he embarks on the fourth annual American Football Without Barriers (AFWB) camp, which is set to take place in Cairo, Egypt. Founded by New York Jets’ Giacomini, Cleveland Browns’ Barnidge, and Ahmed Awadallah back in 2011, the AFWB organization aims...

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When Artists Sign: From Indie To Major Labels And 360 Deals

At the start of their careers, most musicians, artists, and bands create music simply for the passion of the art. They just want to share with the world, their sound and stories. Starting off as an independent, or “indie” artist/group, they would have 100% control of their music from the beginning steps of creating to marketing and promoting. With all the internet capabilities nowadays, artists and groups can almost stick to this indie trend if they have the financial means, know the right people, and possess knowledge of the ways to create and share their music on a business...

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WHO IS? aLIVE Coverage Photography

  On three, everyone say, “Cheese!” One… Two… Three… (camera shutters) And all within a split second, following a bright flash, that very moment is captured. You’re left with a photo, a piece of memorabilia, that will forever remind you of this exact moment. How you felt. What you were thinking. Where you were. Who you were with. When it happened. The mind has the capability and capacity to store all these mental images in our brain, no matter how distorted or vivid, but one glance at a picture and you’re almost there reliving it. Reminiscing. If “a picture...

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